If you’re coming on a trip with Himalayan Trails, we insist you have travel insurance to cover, as a minimum, emergency evacuation and cancellations charges.

Aren’t you a reputable company? Why do I need travel insurance?

We plan your trip so that everything you expect is included. When everything goes to plan, your travel insurance is, indeed, redundant. Travel insurance covers you for the unexpected (and costly!) situations that may arise and can either completely change your plans so you don’t get the holiday you had paid for or it ends up costing you a lot more than expected.

Helicopter evacuations from the mountains, sickness/injury that causes you to abruptly end your trip, unexpected situations in country such as natural disasters or weather can all effect your trip.

Why World Nomads?

We use and recommend World Nomads because of their expertise and knowledge. They know the regions we work in, they know the mountain, the plains and they understand what situations you could be facing and how best to assist. If you do need to call on your insurance, we know that they really will be there to help.

So we do insist you have travel insurance and we hope you never have to use it! Thanks for booking your trip with Himalayan Trails and happy travelling!